Designing an Ad: The Basics

Before designing an ad, you must log in and then purchase the ad. If you need help placing an order, Purchasing Products will provide detailed instructions. If you purchased a Shoutout, consult with your school regarding how to submit your message and whether or not there is a character limit.

If you haven’t already, log into your account at
Navigate to My Account (A) and click My Ad (B). If necessary, select your school (C) from the drop-down list.
Click Design (D) or Edit or Submit (E) to access the design space.
The Ad Design Tool will open and the size of the ad you purchased directly correlates to the amount of design space that is available which appears white.

Design your ad from scratch, simply drag and drop photos, text, backgrounds, shapes and accents from the left menu onto the ad design space.
If you wish to use a professionally-designed template, open the Art menu then click Templates.

Choose your desired ad template and drag it onto the ad design space. Templates can be used “as is” or be modified after it has been dragged onto your ad.

To upload images, click on Photos then Upload at the bottom of the photos menu. JPG, TIF, PNG, PDF and HEIC are all supported files. 
Browse your computer, select, and upload the images you’d like to use. 


Save (A) your work regularly during the ad creation process. You’ll be prompted to name your ad when saving for the first time. Cancel & Close (B) and return later to complete your design.
Share (C) your ad with another family member to look for misspellings or just to show off the product of your creativity. Either download the ad or send it via email and forward on to others.

When your ad is finished, click Send To Yearbook. Once an ad is submitted, the yearbook staff at the school can place it in the yearbook. If the ad is not quite ready yet, click No. Be sure to submit your ad before the school’s deadline!

Click the ‘I have read and proofed my work and give my approval to send my ad into production’ box to verify you have proofed your ad, and click Yes to send it to the yearbook staff.

Congratulations! Your ad has now been submitted to the yearbook staff at your school!